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Theraband Soft Weight Balls-Set of 6

£121.65 incl 20% VAT

Designed for strengthening, plyometrics, balance training and mobilisation.

Set of 6 soft weight balls – 1 ball for each weight.

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This set of 6 TheraBand™ Soft Weight Balls includes 1 ball for each weight.

Designed for strengthening, plyometrics, balance training and mobilisation. The soft ball design provides a lower risk of damage or injury if the ball is dropped, and promotes functional grip strength development.

The balls are constructed from a PVC shell with steel and polypropylene pellet filler in a progressive range of weights and colours. The 11cm diameter balls support one or two hand activities, and are comfortable to hold.

They provide a portable workout anywhere.

Weights and colours:

  • 0.5kg – Tan
  • 1kg – Yellow
  • 1.5kg – Red
  • 2kg – Green
  • 2.5kg – Blue
  • 3kg – Black

Also available are individual TheraBand Soft Weight Balls 


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