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TheraBand Resistive Exercise Band Dispenser Pack

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Designed to provide resistance training, improves strength, range of motion and coordination.

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The TheraBand Resistive Exercise Bands increase strength, mobility and function, rehabilitates injuries, improves the functional ability of older people and improves athletic performance by improving muscular strength.

A full spectrum of colours and resistance levels gives patients positive reinforcement as they progress from one colour-coded level to the next.

Easy to store and transport in a gym bag or backpack for on the go personal and professional application.

Exercise instructions included.

Length: 5.5m
Width:  15cm

TheraBand Levels of Resistance:
Lighter resistance levels – Tan (extra light) and Yellow (light) are good for persons in the early stages of rehabilitation.

Medium resistance levels – Red (medium) and Green (heavy) are good for those persons starting a strengthening program, or for persons increasing muscular endurance.

Higher resistance levels – Blue (extra heavy), Black (special heavy), Silver (super heavy) and Gold (maximum heavy) are for more advanced exercisers needing more resistance.

Please consult with an exercise or healthcare professional to determine which resistance level is best for you.


TheraBand® is recognised as the Original and Number One selling Exercise Band Worldwide.

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Extra Light – Tan, Light – Yellow, Medium – Red, Heavy – Green, Extra Heavy – Blue, Special Heavy – Black, Super Heavy – Silver, Max. Heavy – Gold


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