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TheraBand Hand X-Trainer

£15.00 incl 20% VAT

The wide range of exercises offered by the Hand X-Trainer makes it ideal for hand therapy, giving practitioners a huge variety of exercises for their patients to best aid their recovery. Made with a patented formula enables it to be used with hot and cold therapy.

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The TheraBand Hand X-Trainer features an intuitive and innovative design to give the user the best level of hand therapy possible, enabling them to perform a wide variety of exercises to best help regain their abilities. This flexible device helps strengthen the fingers and increase dexterity after surgery or injury.

The exercises enable the user to train the parts of their hand that most need development, ensuring that as they progress in their rehabilitation they do so evenly and consistently.

The intuitive design of the TheraBand Hand X-Trainer is ideal for home use by patients. It makes it incredibly easy for them to regain their strength at home, ensuring that exercises can be performed easily and effectively without the assistance of a clinician.

The Hand X-Trainer is truly a cross functional device – with applications ranging from rehab to stretching and strength training. It supports a variety of finger, hand, wrist and forearm exercises, making it an ideal replacement to putty and an economical alternative to hand extensors.

To give patients the best level of support and help in their therapy, the TheraBand Hand X-Trainer is made with a patented formula enabling it to be used with hot and cold therapy. This provides an exceptional level of versatility of use to patients, giving them more options to best assist them in their rehabilitation.

The TheraBand Hand X-Trainer is available in four colour-coded resistances to enable the trainer to be used with progressive therapy, enabling patients to develop their strength over time. Because it’s colour-coded, the X-Trainer gives both patients and practitioners a clear indication of the current level of progress.

Red – Light
Green – Medium
Blue – Heavy
Black – Extra Heavy

Latex Free
Hand wash and clean with soap and water and dust lightly with powder or cornstarch to prevent tackiness.

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Red – Light, Green – Medium, Blue – Heavy, Black – Extra Heavy


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