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TheraBand FlexBar

£18.45 incl 20% VAT

TheraBand FlexBar works to improve upper extremities, reducing muscle soreness and joint pain through bending, twisting, or oscillating the resistance bar.

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The TheraBand FlexBar is clinically proven to increase tendon strength and reduce elbow pain. With its rigid rubber design it is the perfect tool for combating tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and tendonitis while providing improved hand strength and pain relief.

The resistance training bar is widely used for forearm and grip strengthening exercises that tone and build muscles. Some of these exercises include wrist abduction, thumb strengthening, eccentric twists and soft tissue manipulation.

The non-surgical option to increasing strength and endurance replaces many traditional tools including splints, bands, braces, and straps. Clinically proven to increase the strength of tendons by 72% for tennis elbow patients, this is an ideal hand grip trainer for recovering from epicondylitis.

Key Features:

  • TheraBand FlexBar is a flexible and durable resistance hand and wrist exerciser with a ridged texture for enhanced grip during use
  • Clinically proven to increase tendon strength and reduce elbow pain
  • Lightweight and portable, the FlexBar is easy to pack and take with you to perform exercises on-the-go
  • Ideal for individuals with tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, tendonitis and medial epicondylitis
  • Color-coded resistance levels are suitable for improving grip and forearm strength in all ages, ranging from youths to seniors to elite athletes.

Whether you are a beginner with limited strength or at an advanced level needing more resistance, TheraBand FlexBar has a range of progressive resistance levels for your needs and goals:

Yellow – Extra Light. Ideal for beginners, youth and seniors that are experiencing elbow pain.
Red – Light. Typical starting point for women experiencing tennis elbow pain.
Green – Medium. Typical starting point for men experiencing tennis elbow pain.
Blue – Heavy. Designed for advanced and elite sports grip training.

Warning: Made from dry natural rubber.

Includes detailed exercise instructions.

Length: 30.5cm (12”)


TheraBand FlexBar Resistance Exerciser has been specifically designed to improve grip-strength and upper extremity function, helping physical therapy patients and anyone looking to develop their fitness gain strength in hands and muscles.

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Yellow – Light, Red – Medium, Green – Heavy, Blue – Extra Heavy


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