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Rolyan Micro-Fresh Therapy Putty

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Micro-Fresh range of Therapy Putty contains an anti-microbial agent called Ultra-Fresh which prolongs the life and provides odour protection.

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With the addition of an anti-microbial agent called Ultra-Fresh, Rolyan Micro-Fresh Therapy Putty will last longer than standard putty and provide odour protection. The incorporation of this anti-microbial agent enables the putty to resist the growth of destructive and odour-causing microbes. Ultra-Fresh is an EPA-registered anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.

Rolyan Micro-Fresh Therapy Putty is non-toxic, clean and non-oily. Designed to meet a wide range of strengthening needs for hands and feet; the putty can be squeezed, stretched, twisted or pinched.

Five distinct colours reflect established standards in resistive exercise, but patients can also combine colours to create custom resistance levels.

Available in different weights and resistance levels.

Latex free.

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Soft – Yellow, Medium Soft – Red, Medium – Green, Firm – Blue


113g, 454g, 2.3kg


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