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OxyCycle 3 Active Passive Pedal Exerciser

£338.42 incl 20% VAT

This compact, versatile portable pedal exerciser can be used for both active and passive exercises providing a great workout for both upper and lower body.

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This deluxe OxyCycle 3 Active Passive Pedal Exerciser is suitable for both upper and lower body exercises. It can be used for both active and passive exercises making it incredibly versatile.

Used as a passive pedal exerciser with an adjustable speed, the OxyCycle 3 is ideal for low-stress, personalised workouts which can be done anywhere. The speed can be adjusted between 20 and 65RPM.

As an active pedal exerciser, the OxyCycle 3 also features adjustable resistance making it a great active workout for your upper and lower body, progressively strengthening your arms and legs.

It promotes blood circulation and can be used for rehab as well as for fitness.

The OxyCycle 3 Active Passive Pedal Exerciser has a light-weight, compact design which makes it ideal for use in the home where space is an issue.

It has a 15-minute timer switch so you can be certain you’re getting the right amount of exercise, a multi-function LCD readout displays time, distance travelled, calories burned and RPM so you can see at a glance how you are doing. A 80 Watt motor offers enough power to maintain a constant rotational speed. A safety stop will avoid injury in case of cramp or muscle spasm.

Included is a non-slip mat ideal for use on tables for upper body exercises as well as on the floor for lower body exercises.

Length: 50cm
Width: 46cm
Height: 38cm
Weight: 8.5kg
RPM: 20-65
Watt: 80

Accompanying instruction must be read prior to use.


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