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NSD PowerBall Classic Hand and Wrist Exerciser

£15.20 incl 20% VAT

The PowerBall is ideal for those recovering from wrist injuries. It takes the wrist through a range of motion while adding resistance for dynamic exercise.

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Effective Non-Impact Rehabilitation, the NSD PowerBall Classic Hand and Wrist Exerciser takes the wrist through its actual range of motion while adding resistance for dynamic exercise. Once activated, the hand and wrist exerciser generates levels of gyroscopic inertia previously unheard of for its small size. Resistance is generated by the ball, directly related to the speed at which users spin the internal motor. This enables the user to exercise at their own pace without causing further risk of damage to existing injuries.

To activate spinning motion, grip the ball and move the forearm and wrists. The gripping action required to hold the NSD PowerBall Classic Hand and Wrist Exerciser activates the finger flexor muscles and the wrist extensor muscles. Activating the wrist extensors prevents wrist flexion thereby improving grip strength. Spinning the PowerBall stimulates blood circulation, warms and loosens tight muscles and reduces tendon inflammation.

Recommended by Physicians & Chiropractors
The physician-approved isometric exercise allows strengthening during recovery whilst relieving painful symptoms. The smooth, fluid action of spinning the NSD PowerBall Classic when coupled with inertia gently stresses injuries to aid recovery and healing. Recommended to use for 2-3 minutes per day, the rehabilitative device provides therapeutic relief for a wide variety of hand and wrist conditions.

  • The rhythmic movement and non-impact nature increases blood flow and promotes joint health by stimulating the production of synovial fluid
  • Gently stresses the injured area, providing smooth and balanced stimulation that can’t be applied using standard recovery exercises
  • Designed to help keep fingers, hand, wrists, and forearms pain-free and mobile for physical activity
  • Provides therapeutic relief to carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, repetitive strain injury, tendonitis, and tennis/golfer’s elbow
  • Loaded with a high performance 250Hz motor, speed builds rapidly inside the sphere producing a powerful resistance that strengthens the arm from the fingertip to the shoulder.

Colour: Translucent Blue with White
Diameter: 7cm
Height: 57mm
Weight:  235g
Rotor: 250Hz


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