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Gymnic® Overball Mini Therapy Ball

£5.90 incl 20% VAT

This versatile mini therapy ball is ideal for various workouts for all ages. Developed to enhance resistance training and aid Pilates.

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The Gymnic® Overball Mini Therapy Ball is designed to give you an exceptional workout every time. It is great for a huge range of exercises. It can help to enhance resistance training – great for therapy – and is also great for use during Pilates and other workout routines. Suitable for gymnastics in all age groups, as well as for children above 3 years of age.

Depending on the requirement of a specific exercise, the Overball can be half or fully inflated. This is easy to do with the small tube included or a drinking straw. Once inflated, simply pop the stopper in the opening and you can begin your exercises. After use, simply release the air and put the ball in the bag.

Made by the creators of the Gymnic® Therapy Ball, the soft-grip texture makes using the Overball easy to hold, its 23cm diameter makes it suitable for most users. It is completely phthalate-free, ensuring that user’s health is maintained.

Diameter: 23cm
Maximum User Weight: 80kg

Please note that the colour of the Gymnic® Overball Mini Therapy Ball may vary from the images above.

Exercise and fitness are important for physical therapy and everyday life, so it is vital that you have equipment that can help you get the most from your workouts.
So whether you’re an adult or a child, all age groups enjoy the Overball.


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